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The stigma of the word feminism continues to strike society. In the twenty-first century, greek stereotypes have been modernized in such a manner that it is often forgotten how the gentrification gap started centuries ago. In old tales we know as myths, females are portrayed as secondary; and as a way of manipulating the stronger gender: males.

Shattered Perception is a project focused on the stereotypes given to females based on Greek Mythology. The project utilizes research on Greek Mythology including religious beliefs to further expose and understand the negative connotations that derive from it to describe females. Women today are still suffering from these misogynistic ideals that have transformed throughout centuries of myths and tales. 


Pandora's box tale is the most popular amount of today's society. The artist's approach, creating a virtual "walk-in" 360 Pandoras Box where the audience walks around and sees their reflection within the glass, contradicts society's views on women as the box shows their strengths. Each character shown in the installation is to represent what society determines to be female strengths that are often neglected. The artist has given them names in the representation of mythological goddesses. The darkness in the background sets the mood as blue hues depict wealth and sadness but also trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and faith. In contrariety of purple hues that are associated with dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, and independence. All terms that are often neglected while describing females in everyday scenarios. 



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